Cloud Accounting

A new way of bookkeeping and accounting that redefines the relationship between an accountant and client.

What Does Online Accountancy Offer?

  • Collaboration: provides accountants and clients shared, real-time visibility to the current financial position
  • Anytime, anyplace: secure access to your financial information, anywhere there is an internet connection: office, hotel, on the move
  • Expand your reach: by supporting all kinds of micro-business clients, including those with international transactions
  • Save time: by utilising the OpenBooks tax-aware, real-time accounting engine to automatically generate management accounts and trial balances
  • Safe and secure: IRIS OpenBooks uses bank level security to ensure all your data protected

Livingstones have teamed up with IRIS OpenBooks to provide you with an online bookkeeping solution providing you with an intuitive way to maintain your company finances.

Designed specifically for micro-businesses, including Sole Traders, Partnerships, LLPs and Limited Companies with fewer than 10 employees, IRIS OpenBooks offers market-leading functionality and enables you to focus your energies on your customers.

Keeping on top of expenses, invoices, bank statements – amongst many other documents – can be challenging and time consuming. So to make things easier for you Livingstones have invested time and resources researching the best options for our clients into both resources and training so you can be provided with first class support, when or if it is needed.

Powered by the award winning FreeAgent online bookkeeping product IRIS Openbooks make the process of accounting simpler and allows you to take care of the following tasks:

  • Import bank statements
  • View a unique tax timeline
  • Use a credit control system
  • Keep on top of your expenses
  • Share the latest financial information with your dedicated advisor

Tired of using shoeboxes to file your receipts?

Say good-bye to the old-fashioned spreadsheet and hello to the world of online accountancy. Livingstones Accountants are proud to be using the innovative and award winning IRIS OpenBooks. Taking the hassle out of bookkeeping, accounting and tax.

This is now a thing of the past! IRIS now has an in built feature that will enable everyone to take an image of a receipt, reference it on the expense side of your software and throw it away! Taking the stress away from keeping hundreds of different files! You can also do this on the go with your smart phone.

Using complicated spreadsheets and software?

There is no longer a need to keep spreadsheets or use a mountain of different software packages as we have got the only one you will ever need. IRIS OpenBooks gives you the control and flexibility to leave you to run your business and leave the hassle of accounting and tax behind.

What will this system do for me?

  • Keep an eye on what invoices are overdue for payment – As soon as you enter an invoice into the system it updates your profit and loss account so you know exactly how your business is doing
  • Lets you know how much is outstanding from your customers and tracks payments, debtors and graphs to show invoicing over the last 6 months, colour coded for invoiced due, overdue and paid. A new feature also allows you do email duplicate invoices via the system so there is no need to print, scan and then email.
  • Graphs to show real time account balances with as many accounts as you have.
  • Tax timelines – so you never need to worry about late payment penalties and interest on overdue items.
  • As you enter receipts and purchase invoices, you are not only updating your balance sheet and profit & loss account but also preparing your VAT return to process at the end of your quarter – so no running around with a box of invoices!

What’s more, by bringing IRIS openbooks online we have been able to take advantage of all the benefits that offers – including instant software updates, no installation and data security. In addition, compatibility with both Macs and PCs enables records to be accessed from any computer, anywhere, at any time.


  • Cost savings
You don’t need to purchase or continue to upgrade your accounting software. IRIS OpenBooks eliminates the need for any on-site software.
  • Data Back-up and Security
There is no need to back-up any accounting data, our secure server takes care of that for you in a centrally managed and protected environment.
  • 24/7 Service
Access to the service and accounting information and reports are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Data Integrity
 A senior member of our team will always be on hand to check your accounting data for posting errors when you submit the information through IRIS OpenBooks. This means your data is always correct and management information is up to the minute.

Fixed Fees
Using IRIS OpenBooks means that your business can benefit from a guaranteed fixed fee service. We do not issue any unexpected accountancy bills and you can budget for your own accounting fees to suit your business.

Looking to find out more?

We consistently monitor our clients business to make sure they are on the right track. We want every business to flourish, therefore, you hear from Livingstones Accoutants more than just once a year.


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