Have you claimed your Employment Allowance yet?

Don’t lose out, do it today.

725,000 employers have already benefited by claiming the Employment Allowance, which offers businesses and charities a reduction of up to £2,000 in the amount of employer Class 1 National Insurance contributions (NICs) they have to pay every year.

Over half of all eligible businesses have already claimed the Employment Allowance, three months after its introduction in April 2014, resulting in around £500 million of employer NICs relief.

There is still time to claim your Employment Allowance and this is easy to do through your monthly payroll return.

All you need to do is check your eligibility and then claim through your payroll. This is likely to be ticking a box, or something similar depending on your payroll software.

If you haven’t claimed your Employment Allowance yet, you can do this now.
You can claim the Employment Allowance after the start of the tax year as long as your business or charity has employer Class 1 NICs liabilities and is eligible to claim the Employment Allowance. For example, if you make your claim in August, your Employment Allowance deduction against your year to date Class 1 NICs liability will be your employer Class 1 NICs liability to date (up to the £2,000 annual maximum) as shown on your last Full Payment Submission.

We know that the changes in the way employers need to make their returns to HMRC are confusing and time consuming, so why not take some of the pressure of and give us a call?

One phone call could save you more than just time!

Just ask for the Payroll department: 0208 903 9538.

Anuj Shah – Livingstones Accountants Limited

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