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Providing dedicated accountancy service to small and medium-sized organisations for over 25 years. Understanding the intricacies of running a business, we speak your language and are committed to helping our clients attain their goals.

Who we work with

As a specialist small business accountant based in London, we work with everyone from startups with one employee to those which have been trading for many years, both in the local area and across the UK. Whatever your business climate, we will provide you with the financial support you need to succeed.

We provide our services to a variety of industries including but not limited to:

1) Property and construction

2) Healthcare

3) Hospitality and leisure

4) Retail and eCommerce

5) Transportation and logistics

6) Regulated entities

7) Professional firms

8) Private clients

Our services

Our team of experienced accountants and tax planners provide a range of useful services to small and medium-sized businesses. Our assurance services play a key role in the successful management of your business, while our advisory services and professional advisers will address your specific financial requirements.

Through our years of experience and highly skilled teams, we can provide a variety of accountancy services including:

1) Governance and risk

2) Tax advice and compliance

3) Consultancy

4) Outsourcing

5) Due diligence

6) Corporate finance

7) Business restructuring and turnaround advice

8) Forensic investigations

9) Employee PAYE management

10) Human resources advice

Cloud accounting

We know that when it comes to business time is money, and there are tasks which you should be focusing on other than bookkeeping. Our cloud accounting software provides our clients with a variety of benefits:

1) Less time is required to manage your receipts and invoices, providing you with more time to make your business a success.

2) Collaboration with our clients is greatly improved, with important information shared in real-time.

3) Our software provides complete visibility, so you have an in-depth understanding of your exact financial position.

4) Through OpenBooks tax-aware your business can benefit from a system which is able to automatically produce management accounts and balances.

5) Access your important financial information from any location with an internet connection.

6) You will be able to easily access your data, which will be safe and secure through bank-level security provided by Iris OpenBooks.

7) Iris OpenBooks is designed specifically for Sole Traders, LLPs, Partnerships and Limited Companies with less than 10 employees.


When it comes to bookkeeping, we don’t believe in leaving everything to the last minute. We believe your year-end accounts should be ready as soon as possible into the financial year, rather than waiting until they are almost due.

By preparing accounts in a timely manner your business will know exactly how much tax is due. This will guarantee you benefit from early notice of what needs to be paid ensuring penalties for late payments are avoided.

Our team will work with you to gain a complete understanding of your business, so that we can relieve your staff of the burden of bookkeeping. Whether you require our services throughout the year or for a short-term project during a busy period we can assist.

Payroll services

Every business employing staff will have deadlines and regulations to comply with, no matter how small the business. The obligations to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) can be confusing, with penalties for late filing stricter than ever before. For example, if the tax or National Insurance deducted from an employee’s salary is paid late, the business will be liable for a fine.

Our services will ensure your business no longer needs to worry about multiple filing deadlines, management of benefits in kind and maintaining accurate PAYE codes.

Our dedicated payroll staff can provide a comprehensive service, even for clients with just a few employees. We can help with every aspect of payroll including:

1) Employment legislation

2) PAYE and National Insurance payments

3) Maintenance of accurate PAYE codes

4) Completion of statutory forms

5) Analysis of staffing costs

6) Maintenance of filing deadlines

7) Management of benefits in kind

Tax investigations

If your business is going through a tax investigation by HMRC our professional representation can assist. Your business will need to supply a variety of business records, which for a small business without trained accountancy staff can be overwhelming.

We can negotiate with HMRC on your behalf so that your business no longer needs to talk to HMRC directly. Once the investigation is underway if there is any outstanding tax due, we can negotiate a settlement on your behalf. However, with our knowledge, we will also be able to prove if no outstanding money is due.

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What our clients say does everything that 3 systems did in one! Good riddance to those spreadsheets!

David Almans,Almans Consultants

Guaranteed service levels

Our excellent reputation in the area has been achieved through our commitment to providing guaranteed service levels:

1) We will always provide a personalised approach, which means we get to know the unique intricacies of your business.

2) We provide services which match your bespoke requirements.

3) We guarantee to always provide a timely and efficient service, which ensures you have the support required to attain your goals.

4) Every aspect of our accountancy services are overseen by a senior member of the team, which means you benefit from sector-specific specialist knowledge.

5) Our experienced team will provide proactive advice to help you cut through the financial red tape, save money and pay less tax.

6) Our rigorous training program and knowledge of the most recent tax rules means we will never be beaten on service or professionalism.

Business finance and loans

We believe the key to success in business lies in careful financial planning. This is why we offer a variety of useful business finance options and loans through our sister company. By providing a variety of accountancy and financial services we are ideally positioned to ensure our clients achieve their goals.

If you would like to find out more about our accountancy services, please contact our team today for a free consultation.

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We consistently monitor our clients business to make sure they are on the right track. We want every business to flourish, therefore, you hear from Livingstones Accoutants more than just once a year.


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